• Image of Goat020 TEMPLE OF GNOSIS "Mysterivm Magnvm" EP 2015

EP Digipack.


Temple Of Gnosis is a single-member symphonic occult death/doom project, inspired by the Western esoteric traditions, especially the alchemical process of Enlightenment and within that, the first stages of the alchemical Work, representing the dissolution and deconstruction of spiritual elements to form a base for a new being. Philosophically, this is the first process of transformation of mind and spirit, and it consists of catharsis (emptying and cleansing) and the destruction of the original structure in order to build a new structure from the ashes. This is to say that there is no enlightenment without traveling through the darkness; light and darkness go together and act as a single dimension, of which they are the opposite poles.
Music consists of a combination of dark ambient, doom-styled & sludgy guitars and death metal vocals, all supported by heavy symphonic and dark keyboards. The goal is to create a dark atmosphere that represents the process shadow-work and discharge of dark emotions, the way through the darkness to the light, and to represent many other aspects and symbols of the occult tradition through the music.
The project was founded in 2015 by H.M.T.